MFP Collection System

Forest Product Management Made Easy


Minor Forest produce Collection System is a technology-driven solution designed to streamline and manage the collection, processing and distribution of MFP (Minor Forest Produce).


  • Collector Management

    Efficiently register and manage forest dwellers who act as collectors. Maintain crucial information about their demographics, location, and activities. Ensure compliance with government regulations regarding forest dwellers' rights.

  • Collection Management

    Track the collection of forest produce brought by collectors at the collection centers. Record details such as the type and quantity of produce collected. Implement real-time data capture and reporting for transparency.

  • Monetary Entitlement Calculation

    Automatically calculate monetary entitlements based on the collection and minimum support price set by the government. Ensure accurate and fair compensation for collectors.

  • Online Payment (Direct Benefit Transfer)

    Facilitate seamless online payments to collectors' KYC-verified bank accounts. Enable direct benefit transfer, eliminating intermediaries and ensuring timely payments.

  • Pre-processing of Forest Produce

    Streamline the pre-processing of collected forest produce to enhance quality and market readiness. Track and manage all pre-processing activities efficiently.

  • Transportation and Inventory Management

    Organize the transportation of collected produce to warehouses. Implement robust inventory management to monitor stock levels and quality. Ensure the traceability of products throughout the supply chain.

  • Sale of Produce through E-Auction and E-Tende

    Conduct online auctions and tenders for the sale of forest produce. Attract a broader pool of buyers and maximize returns for the produce. Promote transparency and competition in the sale process.

  • Payment Collection from Buyers after Invoicing

    Generate invoices and manage payments from buyers seamlessly. Provide secure online payment options to buyers. Simplify the payment reconciliation process.

Advantages of the System

  • Efficiency

    Our system streamlines every step of the MFP supply chain, reducing manual efforts and minimizing errors.

  • Transparency

    Real-time data capture and reporting ensure transparency and accountability in the MFP management process.

  • Compliance

    Stay in compliance with government regulations and pricing guidelines effortlessly.

  • Timely Payments

    EEnable direct benefit transfer to collectors, ensuring they receive their entitlements promptly.

  • Market Reac

    Reach a wider audience of potential buyers through online auctions and tenders, optimizing revenue generation.

  • Data Analytics

    Leverage data analytics for informed decision-making, helping you adapt to market trends and optimize operations.

Why Choose Our System

By adopting our Integrated Minor Forest Produce Management System, you'll not only enhance the efficiency and transparency of your MFP operations but also contribute to the welfare of forest dwellers and sustainable forest management. Our system empowers you to make a positive impact while optimizing your processes and maximizing your returns. Join us in revolutionizing the management of Minor Forest Produce today!

For inquiries and a personalized demonstration of our system, please contact us. We look forward to partnering with you for a sustainable and efficient MFP management solution.

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