An Overview of our flagship Forest Produce Management System (FPMS)

INR 10+ Billion

More than INR 10+ Billion of Timber supply Chain operations run on our platform each year.

20% Production

Over 20% of India's Domestic Forest produce supply chain is managed by FPMS.

INR 5+ Billion

Worth of Timber sold through our e-Auction platform each year


Over 30% increase in sales margin after implementation of FPMS.

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In a competitive, result-driven climate, our goal is to provide our clients with nothing short of an excellent and comprehensive service. At Transcend Infosystems, we work with clients from all industries in the Noida area. Nothing makes us more proud than our satisfied clients - here are some of their testimonials.

Transforming Forest Management

Uttar Pradesh Forest Development Corporation’s Journey with Transcend’s Integrated Forest Produce Management System

Uttarakhand Forest Development Corporation (UKFDC)

Optimizing Forest Management and Doubling Revenue with Transcend's Integrated Forest Produce and E-Auction Management Solution

Streamlined Forest Produce Collection and Payment Management

A Case Study of Chattisgarh State Minor Forest Produce Cooperative Federation

Our Esteemed Partners

INR 10+ Billion

Of Supply Chain Operations run yearly on our System

Over 20%

Of India's Domestic Forest Produce is managed by FPMS.

INR 5+ Billion

Of Timber sold through our e-Auction platform each year

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