Touch Screen Based Information Kiosks

Touch Screens, interactive kiosks are revolutionizing business, education, information, industry and healthcare sectors to name but a few of the areas. Our expertise in delivering end to end touch screen kiosks has helped hundreds of retailers and other realize time and cost savings while delivering vastly improved services. We offer the complete line up including wall or kiosks, hardware (dispensers, printers, cameras) and software along with installation and support.

Touch screen based information kiosks can additionally serve as a point for ticketing, for access control and as queue managers. What sets us apart is the extreme level of customization we bring to touch screen based kiosks. For healthcare, we devise effective solutions to reduce burden and improve speed as well as services. In the retail sector our kiosks deliver a superior experience to buyers while streamlining operations for the business. Customers can check availability and prices, place an order and carry out a credit or debit card based transaction. They can also feed in comments to help you improve services.

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